29 May 2023

ImmiTrack – Easing the Canadian Immigration Journey

ImmiTrack – Easing the Canadian Immigration Journey

Having personally experienced the lengthy immigration process as both an applicant and a sponsor on separate occasions, I realized there was room for improvement. That’s when I approached my friend Kabir, and together we are launching ImmiTrack worldwide. Our aim is to make the Canadian Immigration Journey a little easier, and hopefully, one day, ImmiTrack will be in the hands of everyone dreaming of coming to Canada.

Let me clarify, ImmiTrack doesn’t expedite your visa process. However, if you’re applying as a student, family sponsor/applicant, or skilled migrant, there are reasons to be excited. While the Canadian Immigration office is already working diligently to expedite visa processing, ImmiTrack adds a touch of convenience to your journey. Think of it as an air cooler providing relief in the scorching heat of a desert.

Sure, there are forums, blogs, and mobile apps that try to assist as well. However, ImmiTrack goes beyond them by understanding what matters most to you. Once you specify your application type, it tailors its features to your specific category. It provides predefined tasks, relevant news, and a visually appealing timeline of your application statuses, helping you stay organized and offering peace of mind with a potential timeline for when your application might conclude. This countdown timeline is not just a random number; it syncs with the official processing time and calculates it based on your submission date.

But wait, there’s more! We have immigration experts available to answer your urgent questions within 24 hours because we understand their importance to you. And of course, we provide important links and quick access features like other apps do.

Visit immitrack.ca to learn more and download the app now.

We are open to suggestions on how to further enhance ImmiTrack, and we value your feedback. Our commitment is to make a lasting impact, so we’ll be here for the long haul!

Don’t hesitate to say hello@immitrack.ca